The Modern Mythology Podcast

produced by James Curcio.

Pilot Episode - Howard Bloom

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In the pilot, Rusty Shackleford interviews Howard Bloom, author of The Lucifer Principle, The Global Brain or The God Problem. He was also publicist for top music talent for two decades, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Styx, Billy Joel, and many others. Howard manages to distill the essence of the past hundred years in culture - especially the culture of rebellion evident in music - into a 40 minute interview.

Background music for this episode provided by members of Bradley The Buyer, HoodooEngine, Mankind is Obsolete, and Veil of Thorns. The featured tracks are In The Flesh from HoodooEngine’s album “Murder The World” and Bradley The Buyer’s cover of Prince’s “When Dove’s Cry”

Episode 2: Virtual classroom one from SUNY Binghamton

In this class we discuss many topics raised in The Immanence of Myth:

Sacrifice and the sacred, love, marriage and the apocalypse
Bataille's The absence of myth
Science and mythology
Cosmological models and myths of progress
World War II as a model for enlightenment reason
Suicide and creativity
The senselessness of the body and the unconscious...

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Episode 3

In this class we discuss many topics raised in The Immanence of Myth:
Pornography and the theatre of cruelty
Abu Ghraib and the subconscious of the United States
School shootings and the psychology of vicariousness

[Direct download episode 3]

Internal Arts

Internal Arts is a series dealing with the creative process in its various guises: from meditative techniques to anecdotal material from independent artists.

Whether you are a writer, musician, visual or film artist, or just want to learn a little about the ins- and outs- of the creative process from those who struggle to make a living at it, this show is for you. We will also often explore meditative and movement practices that might not necessarily seem connected with creativity or the arts at first glance. These are quite possibly more important than all the discussions we will be having about independent arts and media production, as they get us out of the ‘the chair,’ out of our heads, and back into our bodies. It is in and through our bodies, and nowhere else, that the true creative process begins. We are not brains in bottles. It’s our hope that you will find these practices and conversations an indispensable part of your own practice.

Press / Interviews

James talks briefly about the intentions behind Mythos Media (2011)

James Curcio Interview by Rev.R4D4

What-is-personal-myth by agent139

More interviews!


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