Monday, February 25, 2013

There is No Movement, Apply Within part 5

As the conclusion to this 5 part reprisal, let me conclude with this. It's as true now as the day I wrote it. 

As in many times in the past, there is a strong and demonstrable need for creative movements and cultural revolutions that the mainstream culture may neither recognize, understand, nor support. All these facts do not mean that you should not, or can not, bring it about. Supposing this is a course that speaks to you as it does to me, barring bad luck and the “acts of God,” the only real barrier is in ourselves, in the forms of egotism, laziness, isolation, a lack of vision, planning, or making the wrong compromise.

We have no need for a counterculture or any other movement so long as it is for the sake of fashion, so long as we hobble ourselves or one another or use elitism or ideological disagreements as excuses that keep us from getting something done. Nor do we have any use for these things if they are anything but a means to an end which realize the common and manifest goals of its members. 

It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a Pagan, a Christian, or a Muslim, a plumber, an artist, or an information architect. That is, so long as we can mutually find the fulcrum point of a common ground, and a common good, to lift us both up with. If, on the other hand, we both define ourselves as artists, but can find no such leverage, we’d probably be better off going our own ways. We can have our ideological arguments over tea; there is no ideology in my mind which trumps someone being a genuine, open-minded, passionate person, and no party line agreement can provide reparations if they are not.

Revolution, or evolution for that matter, isn’t going to be found in a common manner of dress, speech, or ideology. If it is found at all, it will come in the chance meeting of equals in this wasteland that we call the world, and the work they do to water the desert until it flowers.

When any counter culture gets big enough, it gets co-opted by a “Major.” If there is any value in a “counterculture” it is in a core ideology which cannot be replicated, cannot be sold. As I said, it is the trappings and mystique which get marketed and sold. So if you have it in you, and shooting from the hip is getting old: make a shtick. Make it huge and mythic. Sell it off to the highest bidder. Sell out without “selling out.”

And use that to build something wonderful. ... 

Remember the utopianism of the early internet? Then we discovered that actually the internet was primarily for cats, and porn. Oh well. 

Let's try something else, huh?

[Where is the fucking counterculture? Mythos Media.]


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