Saturday, March 05, 2011

Krampus Sacred Clowns And Protesters Take Wisconsin

This Is Happening Now:

By James Curcio
The Krampus enter at 1:56, if you're wondering. But on a larger scale, I think it's patently obvious that this is the kind of movement which can easily peter out and be written of as performance art, or it can be an opportunity for all of us to "come out" of the closet, say no to the Plutocratic demands, no to the myth that we are separate and estranged, that we must compete with one another, that we must identify with one "team," one "nation," one "race," and kill or take from all the others, that mutual benefit isn't the only virtue. Charlie Sheen might be a egomaniac and any number of other things, who knows, I don't know him personally. But when he said "I'm a rockstar from mars," and, you know, I'm sick of pretending otherwise, that, in my own way, I could completely relate to. 

These protests could be a spark to tinder, or it could just be, as I said, performance art, a protest that lets people feel like they're accomplishing something while those who imagine they have the real power just sit and wait it out. And sure, all movements transform into something else. 

I know what the cynics have to say. I'm usually one of them. No cynic like a former idealist. All forces peter out. Beyond cynicism, which can actually be a potent force, lies apathy, which does nothing but roll over to whatever has to force to take your sweet (or not so sweet) ass. Hunter S Thompson watched the high-water mark of the 60s movement, and watched those hippies turn into corporate officers themselves. So what? If that's what they were all along, more power to them. If they were caving to social pressures around them, and not being true to what they were, then they made their own hell, and the hell that many of us are forced to contend with today. What's it going to be? 

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